1781. A scientific method will seek to explain natural events and make useful prediction in :

A. A haphazard manner
B. A manner design to fit the theorist’s or experimenter’s bias
C. A consistently reproducible manner *
D. None of the above

1782. ” Truth is the sought for its own sake and those who are engaged upon the quest for anything for its own sake are not interested in other things, finding the truth is difficult and the road to it is rough .” This was stated by which key figure in the development of scientific method in the 11th century ?

A. Aristotle
B. Ibn al Haytham *
C. Plato
D. None of the above

1783. Abu Abdullah Muhammad Bin Musa Al- Khawarzim is famous for writing the ” Kitab al jaber wal Muqabla” in which he :

A. Presented the first systematic solution of linear and quadratic equations *
B. Delineated methods of oppression and competition
C. Wrote the laws of optics
D. None of the above

1784. Galileo Galilie was persecuted by the catholic church for suspicion of holding the view that :

A. Objects of different masses fell at the same velocity
B. The sun revolves around the moon
C. The Earth was probably not the center of the universe *
D. None of the above

1785. The proliferation of education and dissemination of knowledge is the last two centuries has led to a faith in science that :

A. Cause human beings to turn on other human beings
B. Is the main cause of poverty and war
C. Leads to opression of education
D. None of the above *

1786. Science attempts to :

A. Explain how the universe works by discovering the laws regulating everything around us *
B. Use discovered laws to engineer new devices
C. Both A and B
D. None of the above

1787. Ibn Zuhr, The author of Al Taiser, is known as :

A. The father of experimental surgery *
B. The founder of calculus
C. A biographer of provincial governors
D. None of the above

1788. Ibn Khldun’s Muqqadimah is regarded by many as :

A. The first work dealing with a philosophy of history *
B. A minor footnote in his writings
C. A well-Documented tale of his trial
D. None of the above

1789. A physical, Mathematical or logical representation ofa natural phenomenon is called :

A. Phenomenal
B. A scientific Model *
C. A theoretical postulate
D. None of the above

1790. ISAAC newton and Gottfried Leibniz working independently in the 17th century laid the foundation of classical physics and are known as fathers of :

A. Astrology
B. Relativistic theory
C. Integral and differential calculus *
D. None of the above