1501. Who is only US president to invent and patent something?

A. Abraham Lincoln *
B. Thomas Jefferson
C. Theodore Roosevelt
D. None of these

1502. Lift was first time used for transport service (Metro Bus service) in pakistan in 2013 who invented the lift in 1852?

A. Michael Faraday *
B. E.G.Otis
C. Thomas Edison
D. Roentgen

1503. Enrico Fermi is famous fo invention of :

A. X Ray Machine
B. Cyclotron
C. Nuclear Reactor *
D. Betatron

1504. The theory of survival of the fittest was given by :

A. Darwin
B. Lamarck
C. Herbert Spencer *
D. Weismann

1505. Which Physician is credited with discovery and isolation of insulin in the pancrease of animals and then used it to treat patients with diabetes ?

A. Baron and white
B. J.R. Cushing
C. Frederick Banting
D. Osler James *

1506. Who discovered Streptomycin , the first antibiotic effective for the treatment of tuberculosis for which he was named Nobel Laureate in Medicine in 1952?

A. Roger W. Sperry
B. Bert Sakman
C. Arthur Komberg
D. Selman .A. Waksman *

1507. Who discovered the germ of malaria ?

A. Lamarck
B. G.J. Mendel *
C. De Vries
D. Roanald Ross

1508. Who was the first to be credited with the discovery of the general anesthetic properties of ether ?

A. Humphrey Davy
B. William Morton
C. Crawford long
D. Horace wells*

1509. This english inventor is known as the ” father of computing ?

A. Philo farnsworth
B. J. Presper Eckert
C. John Mauchly
D. Charles Babbage *

1510. Who is referred to as the “Father of Medicine”?

A. Hippocrates *
B. Diophantus
C. Archimedes
D. Euclid