1491. Who invented logarithm tables ?

A. John Napier *
B. H. Moseley
C. N. Bohr
D. Chadwick

1492. What was the religion of Albert Einstein?

A. Jewish *
B. Catholic
C. Protestant
D. Anglican

1493. What colour of visible light is the shortest in wavelength?

A. Violet *
B. Blue
C. Red
D. Green

1494. Which acid is used in a car battery ?

A. Hydrochloric acid
B. Carbonic acid
C. Sulphuric acid *
D. Nitric acid

1495. Which colour of visible light is the longest in wavelength ?

A. Violet
B. Blue
C. Red *
D. Green

1496. What organelle is known as the “brain” of the cell?

A. Nucleus *
B. Mitochondria
C. Chloroplast
D. Cell membrane

1497. What gas plants contribute to the earth’s atmosphere ?

A. Hydrogen
B. Nitrogen
C. Oxygen
D. Carbon Dioxide

1498. What products are as a general rule , the result of an acid and a base reacting together ?

A. Water and a salt *
B. Water and Ethanol
C. Methane gas and nitrogen
D. Hydrogen gas and carbon dioxide

1499. What stored energy is commonly called ?

A. Potential energy *
B. Kinetic energy
C. Chemical energy
D. Radiant energy

1500. Human breath is visible in winter but not in summer because :

A. Water vapour in breath condenses in cold air, making it visible *
B. Breathing can be seen because of the difference in pressure from the outside
C. Breath contains certain impurities
D. None of these