1561. A light year is :

A. A year devoid of heavy rainfall
B. The time taken by light to be generated and propagated from the centre of the sun to our Earth
C. The distance covered by light in one of our solar years *
D. None of these

1562. Our sun is classified as :

A. A blue Giant
B. A yellow Dwarf *
C. Supernova
D. None of these

1563. The sun produces most of its energy by :

A. Nuclear fusion which involves converting “H” to “He” *
B. Nuclear fusion involving the burning of uranium and Plutonium
C. Nuclear fusion involving the combining of uranium and palladium
D. None of these

1564. Which of the following is correct ordering of the inner planets according to their proximity to the sun ?

A. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune
B. Phobos, Deimes, Europe, Tias
C. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars *
D. None of these

1565. How long does our earth take to turn about its axis :

A. One Hour
B. 23 Hours
C. 24 Hours *
D. None of these

1566. Tides are generated by :

A. Ships’ movements in the oceans
B. The gravitation effect of Moon and sun on our Earth *
C. The Earth’s rotation around the sun
D. None of these

1567. Seasons are generated by :

A. The movement of sun around co-axis of the milky way
B. The movement of the earth around the sun *
C. Relativistic Quantum
D. None of these

1568. Although the mass of a man on moon remains same as on the earth, he will :

A. Be much happier there
B. Weigh one sixth as much
C. Weigh Twice as much *
D. None of these

1569. If we are at sea level our atmosphere presses down on us with a pressure of :

A. 1 Fps
B. 14.3 Fps *
C. 35.8 Fps
D. None of these

1570. The efficiently of a machine is :

A. Always greater than 100 %
B. Always less than 100 %
C. Always 100 %
D. None of these