731. Sunlight is made of__________colours?
A. Seven colours
B. Five colours
C. Three colours
D. Non of these

732. Which of the following slows down the formation of RBCs (Red Blood Cells)?
A. Vitamin B-1
B. Vitamin C
C. Vitamin D
D. Vitamin E

733. The deficiency of vitamin E causes _______ ?
A. Weak immune system
B. Weak bones
C. Lack of appetite
D. Sterility

734. The deficiency of vitamin K causes ________ ?
A. Loss of appetite
B. Scurvy
C. Sterility
D. Blood clotting disorder

735. Which of the following vitamin is known as Niacin?
A. vitamin B-6
B. vitamin B-12
C. vitamin B-1
D. vitamin B-3

736. The olfactory nerves affect what sense in brain?
A. Smell
B. Feel
C. Touch
D. Hear

737. What is the body’s natural or acquired ability to resist certain diseases?
A. Immunity
B. Endocrine
C. Exocrine
D. All of above

738. What type of Energy does spring have?
A. Elastic Potential Energy
B. Kinetic Energy
C. Potential Energy
D. None of the above

739. Red + Green + Blue = ________?
A. Maroon
B. White
C. Black
D. None of the above

740. Soap is ______?
A. Acid
B. Chemical
C. Powder
D. Salt