661. What is the SI unit of “pressure”?
A. pascal
B. joule
C. tesla
D. henry
E. None of these

662. Which is the densest substance on Earth?
A. Platinum
B. Copper
C. Steel
D. Osmium
E. None of these

663. A camera uses which kind of lens to form an image.
A. convex lens
B. concave lens
C. condenser lens
D. none of these
E. None of these

664. Which is NOT a conductor?
A. Aluminum
B. Gold
C. Graphite
D. All are conductors
E. None of these

665. Which is considered as true for “Sound”?
A. Sound cannot move through a vacuum
B. Sound cannot move through gases
C. Sound cannot move through liquids
D. Sound cannot move through solids
E. None of these

666. When white light is spread and passed through a prism, it splits into how many colors?
A. 9
B. 6
C. 7
D. 8
E. None of these

667. 1 nanometer is equal to how many meters?
A. 10-3 meter
B. 10-6 meter
C. 10-9 meter
D. 10-12 meter
E. None of these

668. Which Instrument used for measuring very high temperatures?
A. Pyroscope
B. Pyrometer
C. Seismograph
D. Xylometer
E. None of these

669. Which of the following lens can be used to correct the Long-sight defect?
A. concave
B. Convex
C. diverging
D. none of these
E. None of these

670. Suppose a fixed mass of gas at a constant temperature, if we reduce volume, the pressure will be increased/decreased/constant?
A. also, decrease
B. increase
C. remains constant
D. none of these
E. None of these