211. Proton number is denoted by symbol __________ ?
A. M
B. Z
C. P
D. A

212. The human heart is _______ ?
A. Ampullary Heart
B. Pulsating Heart
C. Myogenic Heart
D. Neurogenic Heart

213. What is the scientific name of flying fish ?
A. Exocoetidae
B. Anoplopoma fimbria
C. Orthopsetta sordida
D. Xiphias gladius

214. The only vitamin which can not be stored in human body?
A. Vitamin C
B. vitamin D
C. vitamin K
D. None of these

215. What is the photometer?
A. Testing picture Quality
B. Measuring light Intensity
C. Measuring Size of Picture
D. Checking colors and Pictures

216. The study of the structure of the body is called _______ ?
A. Anthropobiology
B. Anatomy
C. Aphnology
D. Apiology

217. Botany is also called _______ ?
A. Phytology
B. Phycology
C. Pedology
D. Plantophyta

218. How many Number of eyes found in Earthworm?
A. One
B. Many
C. No eye
D. Two

219. The Study of growth is called ______ ?
A. Auxology
B. Autology
C. Avionics
D. Axiology

220. During rainy season Wooden doors are difficult to open or closure because of ________ ?
A. Plasmolysis
B. Imbibition
C. Osmosis
D. Diffusion