1231. Which endocrine gland produces melatonin?

A. Pineal Gland *
b. Thymus
C. Pituitary gland
D. Adrenal cortex

1232. What is the enzyme that is in stomach acid called ?

A. Amylase
B. Pepsin *
C. Maltase
D. None of these

1233. The gastric glands in the stomach produce which enzyme ?

A. Ptyalin
B. pepsin
C. Tropism *
D. Insulin

1234. Bile is produced by :

A. Liver
B. Pancreases
C. Salivary gland
D. Stomach *

1235. Which human gland does secret growth hormone ?

A. Pancreas *
B. Thalamus
C. Pituitary gland
D. Liver

1236. Which gland is called Master gland?

A. Pituitary gland *
B. Testes
C. Ovaries
D. Adrenals

1237. Pituitary gland is located just below the :

A. Brain
B. Heart
C. Liver *
D. Kidney

1238. Which of the following glands in human body is popularly called ” Adam’s apple “?

A. Adrenal
B. Pituitary *
C. Thyroid
D. Thymus

1239. Oxygen in our blood is transported by a protein named :

A. Haemoglobin
B. Keratin *
C. Collagen
D. Myoglobin

1240. Name the gland which secretes many hormones and controls the function of other endocrine glands :

A. Pituitary Gland *
B. Thyroid gland
C. Pancrease
D. None of them