1731. Information can be sent over long distance in the form of :

A. Electrical signals through wires
B. Light signal through optical fibre
C. Radio waves through air
D. Any combination of theses three
D. None of the above

1732. Information can be stored in :

A. Audio and video cassettes
B. Floppy and compact discs
C. Hard disks
D. Laser and optical disks
E. All of these four *

1733. Computer can :

A. Add an subtract information only
B. Add, subtract and sort information only
C. Add, subtract, sort and classify information *
D. Add , Subtract but cannot sort information
E. Add, Subtract and sort but cannot classify the data

1734. IBM Stands for :

A. International Business Machines *
B. International Big Machines
C. International Business Machines
D. Interrelated Big Machines
E. None of them

1735. Chemicals used to kill weeds are called as :

A. Insecticides
B. Fungicides
C. Herbicides *
D. Fumigants
E. None of these

1736. The cytoplasm consists of several types of structures, which are called :

A. Protoplasm
B. Nucleus
C. Cytochromes
D. Organelles *
E. None of these

1737. The structure of DNA was elaborated by watson and crick in :

A. 1909
B. 1923
C. 1945
D. 1953 *

1738. In a DNA molecule, the rule of bas pairing is :

A. Adenine always bound with thymine and cytosine with guanine *
B. Adenine always bound with cytosine and thymine with guanine
C. Adenine always bound with guanine and cytosine with thymine
D. Adenine always bound with uracil and cytosine with guanine
E. None of these

1739. Man belongs to the family :

A. Felidae
B. Hominidae *
C. Mammalia
D. Primataceae
E. None of these

1740. Deficiency of vitamin c in the human body causes a deficiency disease called :

A. Beriberi
B. Night Blindness
C. Rickets
D. Scurvy *
E. None of these