711. How many hearts an Octopus has?
A. 10
B. 8
C. 5
D. 3

712. What is the date when day and night are equal?
A. March 21 and December 24
B. January 14 and September 23
C. March 20 and September 23
D. January 14 and June 22

713. Animal with the sharpest hearing ability?
A. Rat
B. Greater wax moth
C. Bat
D. Squirrel

714. A bird that can fly backwards?
A. Bat
B. Humming Bird
C. Crimson Sun Bird
D. Cardinal Bird

715. Age of the lion is determined through?
A. Nose Colour
B. Length of the tail
C. Length of Nails
D. Hair Colour

716. How many times the sun is bigger than the size of the earth?
A. 69 times
B. 89 times
C. 99 times
D. 109 times

717. Granite is a____________?
A. Metamorphic rock
B. Igneous rock
C. Sedimentry rock
D. None of these

718. n HomoSapiens (Human) the fertilization occurs in the___________?
A. Uterus
B. Ovaries
C. Oviduct
D. Cervix

719. Which gas is used in preparation of Soda water?
A. Ammonia
B. Hydrogen
C. Nitrogen
D. Carbon Dioxide

720. Science which deals with the position and movement of heavenly bodies ?
A. Astrophysics
B. Astronomy
C. Astrology
D. Astronautics