951. Which term describes the emission of light by a living organism?
A. Natural light
B. Bioluminescence
C. Illumination
D. Mimicry

952. If there is no capillarity?
A. It would be impossible to use a kerosene lamp
B. The blotting paper would fail to function
C. There would have been no plants on earth
D. All of above

953. A slow-running pendulum clock can be speeded up by_______________?
A. Increasing the length of the rod
B. Increasing the weight of the bob
C. Reducing the length of the rod
D. Reducing the weight of the bob

954. A man is standing on a weighing machine in a lift which is moving. The weighing machine will slow MINIMUM reading when, the lift is moving?
A. Upward with uniform speed
B. Downward with uniform acceleration
C. In a free fall due to failure of the lift mechanism
D. None of these

955. The study of the weather is called____________?
A. Meteorology
B. Weatherology
C. Ecology
D. Geology

956. The lowest region of the earth’s atmosphere comes between the earth and stratosphere. what is this region’s name?
A. Ionosphere
B. Troposphere
C. Stratosphere
D. Mesosphere

957. The outermost layer of the Earth is called ____________?
A. Crust
B. Mental
C. Core
D. None of these

958. What is the name of the branch of the science that studies the ocean?
A. Oceanography
B. Algology
C. Phology
D. Orintology

959. What is the warmest Ocean?
A. Pacific Ocean
B. Atlantic Ocean
C. Arctic Ocean
D. Indian Ocean

960. What is the world’s warmest Sea?
A. Red Sea
B. Mediterranean Sea
C. Caspian Sea
D. Arabian Sea