1131. In which country alcohol is used as fuel for vehicles?

B. Brazil *
C. Japan
D. Germany

1132. The device used for the measurement of current,voltage and resistance is __________.

A. AVO Meter *
B. Galvanometer
C. Ammeter
D. Ohmmeter

1133. Silicon is a ________.

A. Semi-conductor *
B. Insulator
C. Super-coordinator
D. Conductor

1134. The speed of sound is _________.

A. 300 meter per second
B. 315 meter per second
C. 343 meter per second *
D. 362 meter per second

1135. For sending sound waves at large distance which waves are used ?

A. Infrared waves
B. Radio waves *
C. Light waves
D. X. waves

1136. The carrier waves used for the radio transmission have frequency upto _________.

A. 15 KHZ
B. 30 KHZ *
C. 90 KHZ
D. 150 KHZ

1137. Video camera is used to convert __________.

A. Heat into x-rays
B. Sound into electrical signals
C. Electrical signals into pictures
D. Pictures into electrical signals *

1138. The range of a 100 meter high T.V. transmitter ariel is about _______.

A. 10 KM
B. 20 KM
C. 30 KM *
D. 50 KM

1139. The waves used for sending signals to the satellite from ground station are ________.

A. X-Rays
B. Sound Waves
C. Micro Waves *
D. Ultraviolet Rays

1140. A mobile phone sends and recieves messages through _________.

A. Sound Waves
B. Micro Waves
C. Ultraviolet Waves
D. Radio Waves *

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