581. Ozone layer protects the Earth from __________ radiations from the Sun.
A. microwaves
B. infrared
C. X-rays
D. ultraviolet

582. The only living cells in the body without blood supply is___________?
A. Pupil
B. Nail
C. Cornea
D. Hair

583. Liver uses which vitamin for creating new Red Blood cells?
A. B12
B. B6
C. A
D. K

584. Mohs’ Scale” is used to indicate the_________?
A. Degree of hardness of minerals
B. Degree of viscosity of a liquid
C. Degree of elasticity of a material
D. Degree of brittleness of a substance

585. Being Myopic means you have problem in seeing ______________?
A. Distant objects clearly
B. Close objects clearly
C. Both A and B
D. Distant and close objects look unclear

586. Hypermetropia or Hyperopia means being able to see__________________?
A. Distant objects opaque
B. Distant object clearly
C. Close objects unclear
D. Close objects clearly

587. Instrument that measure the electric force ________?
A. Hygrometer
B. Hydrometer
C. Ammeter
D. Voltmeter

588. Silicon is an example of _________?
A. No-conductor
B. Semiconductor
C. Super Conductor
D. None of these

589. According to quantum theory of light, photons are _______?
A. Waves
B. Particles
C. Energy packets
D. Electromagnetic

590. The unit of torque in International system of unit is _________?
A. Newton
B. Newton-Meter
C. Kilogram
D. Meter

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