871. Bauxite is an ore of_________?
A. copper
B. zinc
C. aluminium
D. iron

872. Ruby is an oxide of__________?
A. silver
B. gold
C. platinum
D. aluminium oxide

873. First Atomic theory was proposed by?
A. John Dalton
B. E.Rutherford
C. De Broglie
D. D.I.Mendeleef

874. Air contains maximum amount of__________?
A. oxygen
B. nitrogen
C. hydrogen
D. carbon dioxide

875. The alcohol used in the preparation of dynamite is________?
A. ethyl alcohol
B. glycerol
C. glycol
D. methyl alcohol

876. The element used in lead pencils is__________?
A. Zinc
B. Lead
C. Carbon
D. Tin

877. Epsom salt is chemically known as_________?
A. Copper Sulfate
B. Magnesium Sulfate
C. Ferrous Sulfate
D. None of these

878. Calcium sulphate is known as__________?
A. Epsom salt
B. Gypsum salt
C. Blue vitriol
D. Potash alum

879. What is the SI unit of temperature?
A. Celsius
B. Fahrenheit
C. Kelvin
D. None of these

880. The ocean water moves
A. horizontally only
B. vertically only
C. horizontally and vertically
D. in all the directions