1431. What metallic element is also called wolfram?

A. Technetium
B. Antimony
C. Tungsten *
D. Astatine

1432. Who invented logarithm tables ?

A. John Napier *
B. H. Moseley
C. N. Bohr
D. Chadwick

1433. Which of the followings tells us how many protons on atom has ?

A. Mass
B. Weight
C. Atomic number *
D. Charge

1434. The most abundant constituent of atmospheric air is :

A. Carbon
B. Hydrogen
C. Oxygen
D. Nitrogen *

1435. Plants are called the ________ of nature :

A. Stomach
B. Liver
C. Heart
D. Lungs *

1436. What makes the green colour of plants?

A. Chloroplast
B. Chlorophyll *
C. Plasmids
D. None of these

1437. What is the outermost boundary of plants?

A. Cell membrane
B. Cytoplasm
C. Nucleus
D. Cell wall *

1438. John Walker invented :

A. Safety Match *
B. Safety razor
C. Safety pin
D. Safety Valve

1439. The following substances are used to bleach paper pulp:

A. Caustic soda
B. Sodium *
C. Lime
D. Alum

1440. Amnesia is related to :

A. Loss of memory *
B. Loss of hearing
C. Sleeping sickness
D. Loss of teeth