1761. Which of the following words is defined as ” the ability of liquid to resist flowing ?

A. Viscosity *
B. Fluidity
C. Pourability
D. Freezability

1762. Laska and Benjy were the first two animals sent to space by the U.S in 1958. What were they ?

A. Monkeys
B. Dogs
C. Mice *
D. Horses

1763. What unit of frequency is equal to one cycle per second ?

A. Hertz *
B. Decibel
C. Unicycle
D. Ampere

1764. What is the only element that burns with nitrogen ?

A. Flourine
B. Titanium *
C. Antimony
D. Manganese

1765. The speedof sound depends on the medium through which the waves are passing . The speed of sound in gases depends on What ?

A. Density *
B. Weight
C. Volume
D. Mass

1766. Weight of an object put in a satellite orbiting in space around the earth is reduced to :

A. Zero *
B. Half
C. Same
D. None of these

1767. What is the heaviest metallic element ?

A. Lead
B. Uranium
C. Osmium *
D. Iridium

1768. What do you call the positive electrode of an electric cell ?

A. Diode
B. Anode *
C. Grid
D. Cathode

1769. What metallic element is also called wolfram ?

A. Technetium
B. Antimony
C. Tungsten *
D. Astatine

1770. What do you call an infection in the body where pus collects ?

A. Infraction
B. Abscess *
C. Gangrene
D. Carbunde