761. At what temperature are Celsius and Fahrenheit equal?
A. -40 degree
B. 40 degree
C. -10 degree
D. 10 degree

762. Diamonds are made up almost entirely of what element?
A. Carbon
B. Helium
C. Methane
D. Nitrogen

763. Who came up with three laws of motion?
A. Galileo
B. Albert Einstein
C. Issac Newton
D. Hubble

764. What has no charge, and is one of the fundamental particles making up an atom’s nucleus?
A. Electron
B. Neutron
C. Proton
D. All of Above

765. P Waves are also said to be __________ waves?
A. Push-pull
B. Side-side
C. Up-down
D. None of the above

766. Earthquakes occur most frequently at __________?
A. Plate boundaries
B. Plate surface
C. Ocean beds
D. All of the above

767. Sericulture is the study of which discipline ?
A. silk production
B. milk Production
C. honey production
D. forest timber production

768. Study of fruit is called___________?
A. Pomology
B. Plriculture
C. Sericulture
D. Apiculture

769. Rearing of honey bees for honey production is called?
A. Sericulture
B. Apiculture
C. Viticulture
D. Bees culture

770. Silver fish is the name of__________?
A. Insect
B. Fish
C. Bird
D. Mammal