1771. Which of the following minerals is most resistant to chemical weathering :

A. Olivine
B. Quartz *
C. Hornblends
D. Potassium Feldspar

1772. An igneous rock contains a radioactive isotope that has a half life of 10 million years . Careful analysis shows that only one quarter of the original concentration of the parent isotope is left. How old is this igneous rock ?

A. 10 Million years
B. 20 Million Years *
C. 30 Million Years
D. 40 Million Years

1773. The discipline which deals with understanding and treatment of mental health is called :

A. Applied psychology
B. Clinical Psychology *
C. Psychoanalysis
D. Pschiatry

1774. Overcooking of food should be avoided because overcooking :

A. Makes the food difficult to digest
B. Makes the food toxic
C. Increase the nutritive value of food
D. Reduces the nutritive value of food *

1775. Optical fibre operates on the principle of :

A. Tyndal effect
B. Photoelectric effect
C. Laser technology
D. Total internal reflectives *

1776. The sensation of the skin is perceived by :

A. Epidermis *
B. The dermis
C. Endodermis
D. None of the above

1777. The loudness of sound depends on its :

A. Wavelenght
B. Frequency
C. Amplitude
D. ALL of the above *

1778. A person standing in front of a mirror finds his image smaller than him and erect. This implies that the mirror is :

A. Plane
B. Concave *
C. Convex
D. Not of good quality

1779. The densities of three liquids are D, 2D,3D. What will be the density of the resulting mixture if equal volumes of the three liquids are mixed ?

A. 4D
B. 2D *
C. 3D
D. 6D

1780. Which of the following is a conventional designation of pre-released software ?

A. Raw
B. Alpha
C. Omega
D. Beta Note *