561. Edward Genner discovered ‘vaccine’ in___________?
A. 1796
B. 1978
C. 1686
D. 1933

562. The biggest planet in solar system is ______ and having _____ moons?
A. Uranus , Sixteen
B. Jupiter, Seventy-nine
C. Saturn, Sixteen
D. Uranus, two

563. Dinosaurs and many other species were extinct about ________ years ago.
A. 55 million
B. 66 million
C. 75 million
D. 85 million

564. Biopsy is done on tissues taken from__________?
A. Human body
B. Animal body
C. Living body
D. Dead body

565. Trypsin is an enzyme which digests protein produced by_____________?
A. Liver
B. Pancreas
C. Stomach
D. Small intestine

566. Black gold is an oil; Black diamond is_________?
A. Copper
B. Iron
C. Coal
D. Wood

567. Guava has the maximum amount of which Vitamin?
A. vitamin K
B. vitamin B
C. vitamin C
D. vitamin D

568. The most dense and heaviest planet is___________?
A. Jupiter
B. Earth
C. Mars
D. Venus

569. Ring planet is Saturn; least dense and 2nd largest planet is_________?
A. Jupiter
B. Saturn
C. Neptune
D. Mercury

570. Apiculture refers to___________?
A. Rearing silk worms
B. Science of bee keeping
C. Science of gardening
D. Science of cultural norms and trends