1461. Which of the following is referred to as stranger gas as well?

A. Xenon *
B. Argon
C. Neon
D. Nitrous oxide

1462. In the entire universe , What is the most abundant element ?

A. Hydrogen *
B. Iron
C. Lead
D. Oxygen

1463. In a nuclear reactor, which of the following acts as a moderator?

A. Radium
B. Ordinary water
C. Thorium
D. Heavy water *

1464. Which of the following is used as laughing gas ?

A. Nitrogen Trioxide
B. Nitrogen Dioxide
C. Nitrous oxide *
D. Nitrogen tetra oxide

1465. Age of a tree can be determined by :

A. Keeping track of how many rings are in the stem
B. Counting the number of leaves
C. Counting the number of branches
D. Measuring the size of the tree

1466. Panda is found in :

A. Nepal
B. Bhutan
C. India
D. China *

1467. Which blood group is known as the universal donor ?

A. A-
B. 0+
C. O- *
D. A+

1468. Which group are the universal receivers ?

A. B+
B. AB-
C. AB+ *
d. A-

1469. In which of the following do red blood cells originate (or formed )?

A. Bone Marrow *
B. Brain
C. Ligaments
D. Muscles

1470. What is the normal lifespan of red blood cells ?

A. 120 Days *
B. 90 Days
C. 60 Days
D. 150 Days