1371. The instrument used for measuring the velocity of wind is known as :

A. Actimometer
B. Ammeter
C. Anemometer *
D. Altimeter

1372. To records accurate time on ships ?

A. Chronometer *
B. Algestimeter
C. Audiometer
D. Barograph

1373. Which device is used to determine the ocean’s depth?

A. Fathometer *
B. Galvanometer
C. Gramophone
D. Gravimeter

1374. Watt- hour is the unit of :

A. Energy *
B. Power
C. Potential
D. Current

1375. Ampere is a unit of :

A. Electric charge
B. Electric energy
C. Electromotive force
D. Electric current *

1376. Unit of frequecy is :

B. Hertz *
C. Watt

1377. The unit of measurement of inductance is :

A. Tesla
B. Weber
C. Henry *
D. Volts

1378, Light year is the unit of :

A. Time
B. Distance *
C. Intensity of light
D. Lenght

1379. Caloriei is a unit of :

A. Electric capacitance
B. Radio activity
C. Quantity of heat *
D. Work of energy

1380. Watt is a unit of :

A. Electric charge
B. Power *
C. ELectric Current
D. Work