91. Aviation fuel for Jet Aero planes consists of purified________?
A. Petrol
B. Kerosene
C. Gasoline
D. Diesel

92. The best conductor of heat among liquid is___________?
A. Water
B. Mercury
C. Ether
D. Alcohol

93. ‘ELISA’ test is employed to diagnose?
A. Corona virus
B. AIDS antibodies
C. Tuberculosis bacterium
D. Cancer

94. Who was the surgeon who pioneered antiseptic surgery in 1865?
A. Edward Jenner
B. Joseph Lister
C. Henry William
D. John Sleeman

95. Who discovered the Polio Vaccine?
A. Jonas Salk
B. Jaber Ibn Hayan
C. Selman Waksman
D. None of these

96. Fathom is the unit of measurement for__________?
A. Sound
B. Depth
C. Energy
D. Time

97. Red blood cells are produced in_________?
A. Liver
B. Heart
C. Spleen
D. Bone-marrow

98. Which of the following is used for hearing the sound of heart and lungs?
A. Steroscope
B. Stethoscope
C. Oscillator
D. Oncolator

99. The first cloned animal was____________?
A. Goat
B. Cow
C. Rat
D. Sheep

100. Keeping of Birds Called___________?
A. Apiculture
B. Aviculture
C. Viniculture
D. Viticulture