1341. Radioactivity was discovered by :

A. Henry Bequerel *
B. Marie Curie
C. Newton
D. Einstein

1342. Who discovered neutrons ?

A. Chadwich *
B. Thomson
C. Rutherford
D. Goldstein

1343. Cell theory was propounded by :

A. R.Virchow
B. Robert Hooke
C. Schleiden and Schwan *
D. William Harvey

1344. Who is known as the father of zoology ?

A. Schaller
B. Perkins
C. Dawkins
D. Aristotle

1345. Electron was discovered by :

A. Ernest Rutherford
B. Max Planck
C. Joseph Thompson
D. Albert Einstein *

1346. Who invented the hydrogen bomb?

A. Oppenheimer
B. Albert Einstein
C. Samuel Cohen *
D. Edward Teller

1347. Who invented the internal combustion engine ?

A. Franco Modigliani
B. Rudolf diesel *
C. Carl Benz
D. Jacques

1348. Which device was invented in 1973 by Dr Martin cooper at motorola?

A. Cordless phone
B. Pager
C. Cell Phone *
D. Satellite phone

1349. Who invented the ball point pen ?

A. Write brothers
B. Bicc brothers
C. Biro brothers *
D. Waterman

1350. James watt is famous for invention of :

A. Steam Boat
B. Diving Bell
C. Steam Engine *
D. Hot air balloon