571. Which of the following plants are called arthrophytes?
A. Sphenopsids
B. Lycopsids
C. Psilopsids
D. Pteropsids

572. Reptiles hibernate during_______?
A. Summer
B. Winter
C. Spring
D. Autumn

573. The “Rising” of the “evening star” indicates the direction of the____________?
A. South Pole
B. East
C. West
D. North

574. Which one of the following represents a chemical change_________?
A. Sublimation of iodine
B. Heating a platinum wire in a Bunsen flame
C. Heating of mercuric oxide powder
D. Evaporation of alcohol

575. The hormone that increases the rate of heart beat and blood pressure after shock in a person is___________?
A. Adrenalin
B. Gastrin
C. Thyroxin
D. Pancreatic

576. Which layer of the atmosphere reflects radio waves back to the earth’s surface?
A. Troposphere
B. Stratosphere
C. Ozone layer
D. Ionosphere

577. The average weight of man’s brain is 4.8 ounces. What is the average weight of woman’s brain ?
A. 4.8 ounce
B. 5.8 ounce
C. 5.4 ounce
D. 4.4 ounce

578. The blind spot is located at the ___________ of the eye ?
A. pupil
B. vitreous humor
C. aqueous humor
D. optic disc

579. A clouding that develops in the lens of the eye or in its envelope obstructing the passage of light is known as________?
A. Glaucoma
B. Hemophilia
C. Cataract
D. Diphtheria

580. A common skin condition that causes skin redness and irritation is known as_________?
A. Psoriasis
B. Hypermetropia
C. Leukoderma
D. Diphtheria