1391. What colour of visible light is the longest in wavelength ?

A. Violet
B. Blue
C. Red *
D. Green

1392. The gases which are used by divers as an artificial atmosphere are helium and :

A. Nitrogen
B. Oxygen *
C. Carbon Monoxide
D. Neon

1393. Which of the following is the most toxic gas ?

A. Carbon dioxide
B. Carbon monoxide *
C. Nitrogen dioxide
D. Carbon and Nitrogen

1394. Photosynthesis involves :

A. Reduction of CO2 and oxidation of water
B. Oxidation of water and emission of oxygen
C. Reduction of CO2 oxidation h2o and release of O2 *
D. Less CO2 oxidizing water and releasing oxygen

1395. How many yards make a furlong?

A. 220 *
B. 440
C. 100
D. 200

1396. The gas used for artificial ripening of green fruits ?

A. Acetylene *
B. Methane
C. Ethane
D. Butane

1397. Which is the rarest element in world ?

A. Astatine *
B. Uranium
C. Thorium
D. Radium

1398. The working of a rocket is based on the principal of ?

A. Newton’s law *
B. Flux Meter
C. Flux Rule
D. Boyle Law

1399. Filtration of wastes from the blood in human body is done by:

A. Kidney *
B. Lungs
C. Heart
D. Brain

1400. One horse power is equal to :

A. 736 watts
B. 746 watts *
C. 748 watts
D. 756 watts