371. Dr. Abdul Salam of Pakistan was one of the contributors of the unification of __________?
A. Electromagnetic force and gravitational force
B. Electromagnetic force and weak nuclear force
C. Gravitational force and weak nuclear force
D. Weak nuclear force and strong nuclear force
E. None of these

372. Which triplet in DNA codes for valine ?
E. None of these

373. What is the chance of diabetic baby born to parents both heterogeneous normal ?
A. Zero
B. ¼
C. ½
D. ¾
E. None of these

374. Which of the following is not a part of Darwinism?
A. Over production
B. Natural selection
C. Inheritance for acquired characters
D. Competition for survival
E. None of these

375. Role of biotechnology in the production of food based on ___________?
A. Decomposition
B. Respiration
C. Digestion
D. Fermentation
E. None of these

376. Which form of drug abuse involves most risk of infection with the HIV (AIDS) virus ?
A. Cigarette smoking
B. Using alcholo
C. Injection of heroine
D. Taking too much aspirin
E. None of these

377. Founder of modern astronomy was _________________?
A. Archimedes
B. William Gilbert
C. Nicolas Copernicus
D. Michael Faraday
E. None of these

378. The instrument which measures very high temperature is____________?
A. Manometer
B. Thermostat
C. Chronometer
D. Pyrometer
E. None of these

379. The science which deals with study of manners and customs of people is ?
A. Ethnology
B. Morphology
C. Ethics
D. Genetics
E. None of these

380. Chemical used to kill rats and mice are ?
A. Insecticides
B. Rodenticides
C. Fungicides
D. Herbicides
E. None of these