1121. One thousand watt power is called as __________.

A. 0.5 Kilowatt
B. 0.8 Kilowatt
C. 1.0 Kilowatt *
D. 1.5 Kilowatt

1122. The meter installed in our homes measure electricity in_________.

B. KWH *

1123. One Kilowatt -hour is the amount of electrical energy that is consumed by 1000 Watt________.

A. 30 Minutes
B. 45 Minutes
C. 1 Hour *
D. 2 Hour

1124. According to the definition of 1 KWH A 100 watt bulb consumes one unit of electricity in _______.

A. 2 Hours
B. 5 Hours
C. 8 Hours
D. 10 Hours *

1125. Units of electricity consumed by 2500 watt air-conditioner in one hour are __________.

A. 25 Units
B. 23 Units
C. 2.5 Units *
D. 0.25 Units

1126. In the electricity meter, the digit to the extreme right is ________.

A. 1/5TH of the unit
B. 1/10th of the unit *
C. 1/100th of the unit
D. 1/1000th of the unit

1127. In which system of units, gas bills are charged ?

C. BTU *
D. B and C

1128. In BTU system one BTU is equal to ___________.

A. 10.55 Joule
B. 1055 Joule *
C. 105.5 Joule
D. 10.55 Joule

1129. BTU is the abbreviation of __________.

A. British technical units
B. British thermal units *
C. British textile units
D. British temperature units

1130. All forms of energy that we use are ultimately transformed into ________.

A. Electrical Energy
B. Heat Energy *
C. Light Energy
D. Chemical Energy

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