1101. For water purification, we use _________.

A. Chlorine *
B. Bromine
C. Flourine
D. Iodine

1102. Deficiency of chloride cause the impaired growth in ____________.

A. Animals
B. Infants *
C. Plants
D. Young man

1103. The human blood is divided into _____________.

A. Two groups
B. Three groups
C. Four groups *
D. Five groups

1104. Which type of blood of individuals are known as universal donor_________.

A. Type A
B. Type B
C. Type AB
D. Type O *

1105. Which type of blood of individuals are Universal recipients?

A Type A
B. Type A, B *
C. Type O
D. Type B

1106. A man can survive without food for at least __________.

A. 21 days *
B. 1 month
C. 15 days
D. 10 days

1107. The muscles, tissues and blood are all made up of __________.

A. Carbohydrates
B. Proteins *
C. Vitamins
D. Fats

1108. One gram of carbohydrates give energy of the amount ________.

A. 2K Calories
B. 4.2K Calories *
C. 8K Calories
D. 6k Calories

1109. What amount of fats give energy of 9.3K Calories ?

A. 0.5gram
B. 1.0gram *
C. 2.0gram
D. 4.1gram

1110. The amount of energy in wheat is __________.

A. 100 K calories/100gram
B. 245 K calories/100gram
C. 348 K calories/100gram *
D. 490 K calories/100gram