1751. To measure the specific gravity of milk, the instrument used is :

A. Hygrometer
B. Barometer
C. Lactometer *
D. Hydrometer

1752. One of the fundamental characteristics of living organisms is called as :

A. Photosynthesis
B. Digestion
C. Excretion
D. Metabolism *

1753. Plants growing on other plants are called as :

A. Saprophytes
B. Parasites *
C. Epiphytes
D. Pathogens

1754. As per eating habit, squirrels are :

A. Frugivorous (Fruit eater)
B. Herbivorous ( Plant eater) *
C. Carnivorous( Animal eater)
D. Omnivorous(Plant and animal eater)

1755. Water loss from leaves through stomata is called as :

A. Evaporation
B. Transpiration *
C. Respiration
D. None of the above

1756. The study of how plants and animals interact with one another with the non living environment is called as :

A. Ecosystem
B. Sociology
C. Ecology *
D. Habitat

1757. The number of bones in human body is :

A. 200
B. 202
C. 204
D. 206 *

1758. Nervous system in human body consists of :

A. Brain and spinal cord
B. Brain and nerves
C. Spinal cord and nerves
D. Brain spinal cord and nerves *

1759. In human eye , the light sensitive layer made of specialized nerve cells the rods and cones is called as :

A. The pupil
B. The cornea
C. The sclera
D. THe retina *

1760. Erythrocytes are also called as :

A. Red Blood cells*
B. White Blood cells
C. Platelets
D. Plasma