911. Which Planet is Called Great Red Spot?
A. Neptune
B. Mars
C. Jupiter
D. Mercury

912. Which blood group is universal receiver?
A. Group A
B. Group B
C. Group AB

913. Which type of motions are present in solid?
A. translational
B. rotational
C. vibrational
D. all of these

914. The alloy of aluminium used for making magnet is_________?
A. Duralumin
B. Y-Alloy
C. Alnico
D. Aluminium bronze

915. Which synthetic fibre is known as artificial Silk?
A. Nylon
B. Rayon
C. Cotton
D. Terylene

916. Which variety of glass is heat resistant?
A. Bottle glass
B. Flint glass
C. Hard glass
D. Pyrex glass

917. The chemical used as a fixer in photography is__________?
A. sodium sulphate
B. borax
C. sodium thiosulphate
D. ammonium sulphate

918. Which one of the following is the softest?
A. sodium
B. iron
C. aluminium
D. lithium

919. In the electricity meter the digit to the extreme right is___________?
A. 1/5th of the unit
B. 1/100 of the unit
C. 1/10th of the unit
D. 1/1000th of the unit

920. For water purification, we use?
A. Chlorine
B. Bromine
C. Plants
D. Young man