511. The scientific study of spiders is called __________ ?
A. Arachnology
B. Osteology
C. Pomology
D. None of these

512. The Scientific Study of Caves are know as _________ ?
A. Haematology
B. Speleology
C. Oology
D. Oneriology

513. Scientific study of the Algae is known as ___________?
A. Phycology
B. Pomology
C. Oneriology
D. Trichology

514. which of the following is the most severe storm?
A. Hurricane
B. Tornado
C. Typhoon
D. None of these

515. Lignite, bituminous & anthracite are different rank of _________ ?
A. Iron
B. Coal
C. Wood
D. None of these

516. vitamin D is chemically know as_________ ?
A. Retinol
B. Calciferol
C. Tocopherol
D. None of these.

517. Red color of tomato is due to___________?
A. Anthocyanin
B. Xanthophyll’s
C. Lycopene
D. None of these

518. In onion pink color is due_____ ?
A. anthocyanin
B. Carotene
C. Xanthophylls
D. None of these

519. Hen and chicken disorder is associated with__________ ?
A. Mango
B. Grapes
C. Tomato
D. Guava

520. Which types of waves are used in a night vision apparatus ?
A. Radio Waves
B. Micro Waves
C. Infrared Waves
D. Magnetic waves