131. The Renaissance scientist who explained how planets moved around the sun was
A. Kepler
B. Rebelais
C. Francis Bacorr
D. Gutenber

132. Virus is__________?
A. unicellular
B. multicellular
C. acellular
D. none of these

133. Electric motor was invented by __________ ?
A. Michael Faraday
B. Oliver Evans
C. Thomas Edison
D. Horace Day

134. Atom was a name given by ____________ ?
A. Democritus
B. Bohr
C. Rutherford
D. Archimedes

135. Example of gas having monoatomic molecules is ___________ ?
A. Nitrogen
D. Nydrogen
C. Neon and argon
D. Oxygen and nitrogen

136. Which part of the body is attacked by “Gingivitis” disease?
A. Eyes
B. Nails
C. Gums
D. Nostrils

137. How many bones are in human Eyes?
A. Three
B. Four
C. Five
D. Seven

138. Which Planet is known as Watery Planet?
A. Earth
B. Mars
C. Jupiter
D. Mercury

139. Which is the Coldest Planet ?
A. Earth
B. Venus
C. Mercury
D. Neptune

140. The coldest region of the Earth’s atmosphere is__________?
A. Exosphere
B. Thermosphere
C. Stratopause
D. Mesopause