301. A Rhinoscope (or Nasoscope) is a thin, tube-like instrument used to examine the inside of the_____?
A. Eyes
B. Nose
C. Ears
D. Brains

302. ______ soil is also called Regur soil?
A. Desert
B. Mountain
C. Black
D. Alluvial

303. The process of splitting water molecules in the presence of light energy is called_________?
A. Electrolysis
B. Photolysis
C. Radiolysis
D. Thermolysis

304. The contraction and expansion of the movement of the walls of the food pipe after entering the slightly digested food is known as ______ movement
A. Gastric
B. Diastolic
C. Peristaltic
D. Oscillatory

305. ______ is the “Work done in moving a unit charge between two points in an electric circuit”?
A. Potential difference
B. Current
C. Power
D. Resistence

306. Tyndall effect is related to the ______ of light?
A. Reflection
B. Dispersion
C. Scattering
D. Refraction

307. Which of the following has not involuntary muscles?
A. digestive System
B. Blood Vessels
C. Heart
D. Brains

308. Involuntary muscles in a human body are present in__________?
A. Brain
B. Tongue
C. Digestive system
D. Limbs

309. Transistors do not need a warm up period because they have no ?
A. Plate
B. Grid
C. Filament
D. None of above

310. Which organ is considered as chemical factory of human body ?
A. Stomach
B. Intestine
C. Liver
D. Kidneys