1681. Which of the following is a semiconductor ?

A. Mercury
B. Magnesium *
C. Silver
D. None of these

1682. Silver fish belongsto :

A. Fish
B. Insect *
C. Reptile
D. Amphibian

1683. Satiety is the condition in which patient lacks desire to :

A. Drink
B. Eat *
C. Sleep
D. Talk

1684. Function of iron in our body is :

A. Provide strenght
B. Oxygen transport *
C. Help in hydrolysis
D. Breakdown fats

1685. The non-communicate disease is called :

A. Endemic
B. Acute
C. Chronic *
D. Innate

1686. Vitamin A,D,E and K are called :

A. Water Soluble vitamins
B. Primary vitamins
C. Basic vitamins
D. Fat soluble vitamins *

1687. Which is not a function of HCL in stomach :

A. Softening fibrous food elements
B. Promoting fromation of pepsin
C. Killing Bacteria ingested with food and drink
D. Breakdown proteins into peptones *

1688.The sum of the kinetic energy and potential energy of an oscillating body is :

A. Maximum in the beginning
B. Constant at all points *
C. Maximum at midway of the path
D. Minimum in the beginning

1689. Which term in psychology is generally used to refer to emotional disorders such as anxiety,depression and phobia :

A. Psyches
B. Hypnosis
C. Neurosis *
D. Mental Illness

1690. All alkali metals react with water to form :

A. Oxides
B. Peroxides
C. Hydroxides *
D. Hyper Oxides