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241. The level of branching of common carotid artery_______________?
A. Upper border of thyroid cartilage
B. Lower borer of cricoid
C. Upper border of cricoid
D. Hyoid

242. Superior parathyroid glands are derived from________________?
A. 1st branchial pouch
B. 2nd branchial pouch
C. 3rdbranchial pouch
D. 4thbranchial pouch

243. The left subclavian artery is a branch of_______________?
A. Brachio cephalic trunk
B. Ascending aorta
C. Arch of aorta
D. Left common carotid

244. Which of the following structures is not found in parotid gland______________?
B. Facial nerve
C. Auriculo temporal nerve
D. Buccal branch of mandibular nerve

245. Which of the following muscle divides the sub- mandibular gland into a superficial and deep part ?
A. Genioglossus
B. Mylohyoid
C. Sternohyoid
D. Digastric

246. The secretomotor supply of the parotid gland is through_________________?
A. Otic ganglion
B. Gasserian ganglion
C. Geniculate ganglion
D. Submandibular ganglion

247. The orifice of the parotid duct is located______________?
A. At the hamular notch
B. In proximity to the incisive papillae
C. On the buccal mocosa near the maxillary second molar
D. Slightly posterior to the mandibular central incisors

248. Secretomotor supply of parotid comes from______________?
A. Greater Petrosal nerve
B. Auriculotemporal nerve
C. Maxillary nerve
D. Chorda Tympani

249. The relation of facial nerve branches to parotid gland is __________________ ?
A. Deep
B. Superficial
C. In the substance of parotid
D. None

250. During examination of parotid gland, parotid duct can be palpated at the following except____________?
A. Anterior border of masseter
B. At the opening just opposite to lower second molar
C. Pierced to the buccinator
D. A the anterior surface of parotid gland


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