641. Cells in Paracortical areas of lymph node are _____.

A. T cells *
B. B Cells
C. Plasma Cells
D. Macrophages

642. Masseter is supplied by

A. Facial *
B. Glossopharngeal
C. Mandibular
D. Maxillary

643. Small Intestine is differentiated from large intestine by

A. Presence of Peyer;s Patehes *
B. Wall thickness
C. Sacculations
D. Appendicess epiploicale

644. Dilator puppillale muscle is derived from

A. Surface ectoderm *
B. Mesoderm
C. Endoterm
D. Neuro ectoderm

645. Tracheal bifurcation occurs at the level of ______

A. C3C4
B. T4T6 *
C. C5C6
D. T6T8

646. Transverse arch of foot is maintainted by _________

A. Adduuctor hallucis *
B. Flexor hallucis brevis
C. Flexor digitorum brevis
D. None of the above

647. Ovarian arter is a branch of _____–.

A. Abdominal aorta*
B. Internal Iliac
C. External Iliac
D. Femoral artery

648.All are lateral rotators of thigh except________________.

A. Gluteus medius*
B. Quadri eps femoris
C. Obturator internus
D. Piriformis

649. Structure palpated at medial border of lower end of sternoccleido mastoid is___________.

A. Subclavian artery
B. Common carotid artery*
C. Internal Carotid artery
D. Subclavian vein

650. Ectopi urter is known to open at all sites except___________.

A. Badder Neck
B. Seminal Vescicle
C. Prostatic Urethra
D. Bulbar Urethra *

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