541.An example of a secondary cartilaginous joint is:
A.proximal tibialeqiphysis
B.costochondral joint
C.intervertebral disc
D.lamboid suture
E.temperomandibular joint

542.The diameter of a motor nerve fibre is:
A.1-2 microns
B.3-5 microns
C.5-12 microns
E.20-50 microns

543.With regard to dermatomal nerve supply:
A.C7 supplies the index finger
B.The anterior axial line of the upper limb runs between C6 & C7
C.T6 is at the level of the nipple
D.The umbilicus is supplied by either T12 or L1
E.The heel is suppliedby S2

544. With regard to myotomal nerve supply:
A.opponenspollicus is C8
B.shoulder abduction is C5, 6
C.ankle plantar flexion is L4,5
D.elbow extension is C7,8
E.ankle eversion is L4

545. Panniculus adiposis
A.not well developed in man
B.is a thin layer of muscle
C.is unlike fat
D.contains nerves, blood vessels and lymph
E.portal vessels run through it

546. Regarding the deep fascia which is false
A.can provide attachment for muscle
B.attaches to the skin by thin fibrils
C.attaches to underlying bone
D.has no nerve supply
E.is absent on the face

547. An example of hyaline cartilage is
A.knee meniscus
C.epiphyseal growth plate
D.intervetebral disc
E.articular surface of the clavicle

548. With regard to bone
A.nutrient a supplies cortical bone predominantly
B.smallest channels are Haversian canals
C.trabecular network in cancellous bone is capable of considerable rearrangement with regard to fibre orientation
D.periostium covers the articulating surface of bone
E.bone substance does not receive its nutrition from the periostium
F.periosteum is not sensitive

549. regarding muscle
A.skeletal muscle is a mix of red and white muscle
B.individual fibres are surrounded by epimysium which is impermeable to fluid
C.a motor unit supplies red and white muscle fibres
D.white fibres are slow twitch and aerobic

550. regarding the newborn skull
A.it has similar vertical proportion to an adult skull
B.the bones of the vault ossify in membrane and the bones of the base in cartilage
C.anterior fontanelle borders: frontal, parietal, temporal and sphenoid
D.posterior fontanelle borders: occipital, parietal, temporal