291. Which of the following is present in the posterior cranial fossa in a five year old child______________?
A. Foramen rotundum
B. Foramen lacerum
C. Juglar foramen
D. Zygomatic nerve

292. Foramen transversarium transmit______________?
A. Inferior jugular vein
B. Inferior petrosal sinus
C. Sigmoid sinus
D. Vertebral artery

293. Supra meatal triangle externally represents_______________?
A. Transverse sinus
B. Promontory of middle ear
C. Internal acoustic meatus
D. Mastoid antrum

294. Bone better described as ” bat with extended wings” is________________?
A. Ethmoid
B. Sphenoid
C. Nasal
D. Mandible

295. Structures passing through foramen spinosum is_______________?
A. Accessory meningeal artery
B. Middle meningeal artery
C. Mandibular nerve
D. Maxillary nerve

296. Which of the following is unpaired bone of facial skeleton______________?
A. Nasal
B. Lacrimal
C. Interior nasal concha
D. Vomer

297. Number of Bones in adult skull are______________?
A. 18
B. 20
C. 22
D. 40

298. The palatine bone furnishes the link between________________?
A. Maxilla and the sphenoid bone
B. Sphenoid and the ethmoid bone
C. Sphenoid and the vomer
D. None of the above

299. Mental foramen is located_______________?
A. Between roots of premolars
B. Between roots of molars
C. Near canine
D. Between Incisions

300. Which of the following structures is not present on the internal surface of mandible ?
A. Genial tubercle
B. Mylohyoid ridge
C. Lingula
D. Mental foramen