401. Larynx extends from_______________?
A. C2 – C7
B. C1- C4
C. C5 – C6
D. C3 C6

402. Nerve supply of the mucosa of larynx is__________________?
A. External laryngeal and recurrent laryngeal
B. Internal laryngeal and recurrent laryngeal
C. External laryngeal
D. Superior laryngeal

403. Posterior boundary of carotid triangle is________________?
A. Sup. Belly of omohyoid
B. Post. Belly of digastric
C. Sternohyoid
D. Sternocleidomastoid

404. Regarding palatin tonsil , which of the following is an statement___________________?
A. Lies on the superior constrictor
B. Lymph form it drains into jugulo digastric group of deep the cervical nodes
C. Has sensory innervation from vagus
D. Is a derivative of the second pharyngeal pouch

405. Which is true of tonsils_______________?
A. Lies on inferior constrictor
B. Developed from 4th branchial cleft
C. Drained by jugulo digastric lymph nodes
D. Crypts lined by stratified columnar epithelium

406. Main arterial supply of the tonsil is from_____________?
A. Facial artery
B. Ascending pharyngeal artery
C. Palatine artery
D. Greater palatine artery

407. Damage to external laryngeal nerve results in_______________?
A. Hoarseness
B. Loss of the timbre of voice
C. Anesthesia of larynx
D. Breathing difficulty

408. Which laryngeal cartilage is above glottis_______________?
A. Arytenoid
B. Epiglottis
C. Cricoid
D. Thyroid

409. Nasolacrimal duct opens into________________?
A. Superior meatus
B. Middle meatus
C. Inferior meatus
D. none of the above

410. The frontal paranasal sinus drains into the_______________?
A. Superior meatus
B. Middle meatus
C. Inferior meathus
D. Spheno- ethmoidal recess