321. Which is not anterior triangle of neck_______________?
A. Digastrics
B. Subclavian
C. Carotid
D. Submental

322. All of the following muscles are supplied by accessory nerve except__________________?
A. Palatopharyngeus
B. Stylopharyngeus
C. Palatoglossus
D. Mucsculus uvulae

323. Anterior and posterior belly of digastric form an intermediate tendon that attaches to_______________?
A. Mastoid process
B. Mandible
C. Hyoid bone
D. Thyroid cartilage

324. The occulomotor nerve supplies all the muscles of eyeexcept________________?
A. lateral rectus
B. Superior oblique
C. Superior rectus
D. Inferior rectus
E. A & B

325. The ansa cervicalis innervates which muscle_______________?
A. Mylohyoid
B. Cricothyroid
C. Stylohyoid
D. Sternothyroid

326. Which muscles make up the pterygomandibular raphae______________?
A. Masseter anteiorly and occulomotor
B. Masseter anteriorly and middle pterygoid
C. Buccinator anterior and superior constrictor
D. Buccinator anteriorly and middle constrictor

327. Muscle that attaches to zygomatic process of maxilla______________?
A. Masseter
B. Buccinator
C. Middle temporal
D. Medial pterygoid

328. Temporalis muscle originates from________________?
A. side of the skull
B. Zygmoatic process
C. Ramus of the mandible
D. Pterygopalatine fossa

329. Medial pterygoid muscle is attached to ________________?
A. Medial surface of lateral pterygoid plate
B. Lateral surface of medial pterygoid plate
C. Medial surface of medial pterygoid plate
D. Lateral surface of lateral pterygoid plate

330. Muscles of mastication are supplied by_________________?
A. Second part of maxillary artery
B. Third part of maxillary artery
C. First part of maxillary artery
D. Facial artery


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