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151. The cavernous sinus communicates directly with all except_____________?

A. Inferior petrosal sinus
B. Pterygoid venous plexus
C. Veins in orbit
D. Sigmoid sinus and straight sinus

152. Internal carotid artery at the bifurcation from the common carotid is________________?

A. Lateral to the external carotid
B. Medial to external carotid
C. Posterior to external carotid
D. Anterior to external carotid

153. Superior vena cava is formed by______________?

A. Subclavian vein
B. Internal jugular vein
C. External jugular vein
D. Thoracic vein
E. Brachiocephalic

154. Auditory tube is supplied by__________________?

A. Ascending pharyngeal
B. Middle meningeal
C. Artery of pterygoid canal
D. All of the above

155. The stage of deglutition, which is voluntary in nature _______________?

A. Stage – I
B. Stage – II
C. Stage – III
D. Stage – IV

156. TMJ is supplied by_____________?

A. Superficial temporal
B. Maxillary
C. Internal carotid
D. A & B

157. Which of the following is a paired venous sinus of duramater_________________?

A. Cavernous sinus
B. Superior petrosal
C. Transverse sinus
D. All of the above

158. Dangerous area of the face is________________?

A. Above the line joining tragus to the nasal fold
B. Area drained by angular facial vein
C. Spheno – ethmoidal recess
D. All of the above

159. Anterior spinal artery is a branch of____________?

A. Internal carotid artery
B. Basilar artery
C. Vertebral artery
D. Labyrinthine artery

160. Opthalmic artery is the branch of part of _________ internal carotid artery ?

A. Intra cavernous
B. Intra petrous
C. Intra cerebral
D. Extra cranial