481. Posterior belly of digastric is derived from________________?
A. First brachial arch
B. First brachial pouch
C. Second brachial arch
D. Second pharyngeal pouch

482. Spheno mandibular ligament is developed from________________?
A. first arch
B. Second arch
C. Third arch
D. Fourth arch

483. The lateral lingual swellings and tuberculum impar give rise to______________?
A. Anterior 1/3 of tongue
B. Anterior 2/3 of tongue
C. Posterior 1/3 of tongue
D. Posterior 2/3 of tongue

484. The tongue is formed from____________?
A. 1st,2nd ,3rd bronchial arches
B. 1st ,3rd, 5th bronchial arches
C. 1st ,3rd, 4th bronchial arches
D. 1st, 4th, 5th bronchial arches

485. Meckel’s cartilage extends from______________?
A. Otic capsule
B. Styloid bone
C. Hyoid cartilage
D. None of the above

486. Developmentally stomodeum is separated from the pharynx dorsally by ____________?
A. Pharyneal arch
B. Buccopharyngeal membrane
C. Rathke’s pouch
D. Mandibular process

487. Cleft lip occurs due to failure of______________?
A. Fusion of lateral nasal process with maxillary process
B. Fusion of median nasal process with maxillary process
C. Fusion of median and lateral nasal process
D. None of the above

488. Upper and lower lips are formed from which embryonic processes_____________?
A. Maxillary and mandibular
B. Maxillary and median nasal
C. Maxillary mandibular lateral nasal and median nasal
D. Mandibular and median nasal

489. Parotid fascia extends anteriorly as _______________?
A. Deep cervical fascia
B. Fascia lata
C. Masseteric fascia
D. Stylomandibular ligament

490. The cortex of lymph node contains__________________?
A. Cords of billroth
B. Hassal’s corpuscles
C. Lymphatic nodules
D. While pulp


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