281. The maxilla articulates with all of the following bones, except one. Identify the exception____________?
A. Frontal
B. Zygomatic
C. Palatine
D. Temporal

282. ‘Pterion ‘ is_____________?
A. Is a point of articulation four skull bones
B. Is a point where ‘bregma’ and ‘lambda ‘meet
C. It is the region of the antero – lateral fontanelle merge
D. Lies deep to the zygomatic arch

283. Following foramina are found in greater wing of sphenoid except____________?
A. Foramen Rotundum
B. Canaliculus innominatus
C. Foramen Spinosum
D. Optic canal

284. The typical cervical differs from thoracic vertebra in that it______________?
A. Has a triangular body
B. Has a foramen transversarium
C. Superior articular fact directed backwards and upwards
D. Has a large vertebral body

285. Joint between two bony surfaces linked by cartilage in the plane of body is called_______________?
A. Syndesmosis
B. Symphysis
C. Synchondrosis
D. Suture

286. The type of suture represented by sagittal suture of the cranial vault is_______________?
A. Serrate
B. Denticulate
C. Squamous
D. Plane

287. The hyoid bone lies in the midline at the front of the neck at the level of the_______________?
A. Third cervical vertebra
B. Fourth cervical vertebra
C. Fifth cervical vertebra
D. Seventh cervical vertebra

288. Pneumatic bones is all except ?
A. Mastoid
B. Mandible
C. Maxilla
D. Ethmoid

289. Mandibular fossa is a part of_____________?
A. Mandible bone
B. Maxilla bone
C. Sphenoid bone
D. Temporal bone

290. All of the following canals open on the posterior wall of the pterygo palatine fossa EXCEPT_____________?
A. Greater palatine canal
B. Foramen Rotundum
C. Pterygoid canal
D. Palatovaginal canal