501. The primary germ layer endoderm is derived from_____________?
A. Embryonal disc
B. Yolk sac
C. Amniotic cavity
D. Palacenta

502. Embryologically hard palate develop from________________?
A. Maxillary process
B. Lateral palatine process
C. Frontonasal process
D. All of the above

503. The posterior part of the tongue develops from_________________?
A. First Arch
B. Third Arch
C. Second Arch
D. All of the above

504. Tongue develops from all of the following except_______________?
A. Tuberculum impar
B. Hypobranchial eminence
C. Lingual swellings
D. Arytenoid swellings

505. Palate is formed from:
A. Median palatine process
B. Lateral palatine process
C. Both A and D
D. Either A or B

506. Which of the following is NOT true about paramedian pits _______________?
A. Found and the lower lip
B. Found on the upper lip
C. On either side of the midline
D. Associated with cleft lip and palate

507. Maximum oral structures are having their origin from___________________?
A. Ectoderm
B. Mesoderm
C. Endoderm
D. None of the above

508. Which is not formed from the cartilaginous part of viscerocranium ?
A. Sphenoid
B. Vomer
C. Zygoma
D. Lacrimal

509. Imbilical cord contains_________________?
A. Three arteries and one vein
B. One artery and three veins
C. One artery and one vein
D. Two arteries and one vein

510. Development of palate beings at the age of________________?
A. 4 weeks
B. 6 weeks
C. 13 weeks
D. 18 weeks


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