421. The total volume of CSF is_______________?
A. 50 ml
B. 100 ml
C. 150 ml
D. 275 ml

422. In grey matter of cerebellum are the following nuclei_____________?
A. Nucleus globosus
B. Nucleus emboliformis
C. Nucleus dentatus
D. Nucleus fastigi
E. All of the above

423. Thalamus is the largest relay centr for all sensory inputs_________________?
A. Touch
B. Olfaction
C. Hearing
D. Pressure

424. Articular disc of TMJ_______________?
A. Fibro cartilaginous
B. Bony
C. Hyaline
D. Elastic

425. Which of the following does not drain into the sub mental lymph nodes ?
A. Upper lip
B. Tip of tongue
C. Floor of mouth
D. Central lower lip

426. Middle conchae of nose are a part of _____________?
A. Nasal Bone
B. Ethmoid
C. Vomer
D. Maxilla

427. Correct about right and left main bronchi is_______________?
A. Right bronchus is more vertical and broader than the left
B. Right bronchus is more vertical and has a narrow caliber than the left
C. Left bronchus is more vertical and broader than right
D. Left bronchus is more vertical and narrower than right

428. The carotid artery may be palpated at_____________?
A. Hyoid bone
B. Thyroid cartilage
C. Transverse process of C5
D. Transverse process of C6

429. Trachea bifurcates at the level of_______________?
A. Sternal angle
B. 5th inter costal space
C. 3rd thoracic vertebrae
D. thoracic vertebrae

430. Tympanic plexus is formed by________________?
A. Tympanic branch of IX nerve
B. Vagus nerve
C. Facial nerve
D. Mandibular nerve


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