691. The Lingual artery arises from___________.

A. External Carotid *
B. Internal Carotid
C. Hypoglossal
D. Mandibular

692. The deep fascia enveloping thigh is _____________.

A. Scarpa’s fascia
B. Fascia lata *
C. Camper’s Fascia
D. Darto’s Fascia

693. The nasolacrimal duct extends from lower part of lacrimal sac to ____________.

A. Inferior meatus *
B. Superior meatus
C. Middle meatus
D. Maxillary meatus

694. The maxillary sinus opens to ___________.

A. Inferior meatus
B. middle meatus *
C. Superior meatus
D. any of the above

695. Apex of cubital fossa is formed by___________.

A. Brachioradialis and supinator
B. Biceps brachii and supinator
C. Brachioradialis and biceps brachii
D. Brachialis and pronator teres *

696. The nerve most intimately related to capsule of shoulder joint is _____________.

A. Musculocutaeours
B. Axillary *
C. Median
D. Radial

697. The Muscle pair adcting hand to right angle is_____________.

A. Deltoid and pectoralis
B. Deltoid and supraspinatus *
C. Trapeziuus and deltoid
D. Deltoid and sterno mastoid

698. Gracile and cuneate nuclei are present in____________________.

A. Pons
B. Medulla *
C. Midbrain
D. Cerebellum

699. Damage to musculocutaneous nerve in arm leads to loss of______________.

A. Sensation on lateral border of froearem
B. Supination
C. Flexion
D. Pronation *

700. The extension of hip in erect posture is limited by__________________.

A. Ilio fermoral ligament *
B. Psoas major
C. Quadriceps fermoris
D. Center of gravitry falling infront of hip

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