511. A non synovial joint with connective tissue in between is_____________?
A. syndesmosis
B. Synchondrosis
C. Saddle
D. Suture

512. Early fusion of the coronal suture results in________________?
A. Brachycephaly
B. oxycephaly
C. Trigonocephaly
D. Scaphocephaly

513. First pharyngeal arc derivatives include which of the following structures ?
A. Hyoid bone
B. Maxillary process
C. Stapes
D. Styloid process

514. Muscles of mastication develops from__________________?
A. 1stbranchial arch
B. 2nd branchial arch
C. 3rd branchial arch
D. 6th branchial arch

515. From which pharyngeal pouches do the parathyroid glands develop ?
A. First and second
B. Second and third
C. Third and fourth
D. Fourth and fifth

516. Which of the following is the nerve of third branchial arch____________?
A. Facial nerve
B. Trigeminal
C. Vagus
D. Glossopharyngeal

517. All are developed from muscles of 1 arch except____________?
A. Tesnor tympani and tensor veli palatine
B. Posterior belly of digastric
C. Masticatory muscles
D. Mylohyoid

518. The primordia of the cranifoacial complex develops______________?
A. Hensen’s node
B. Notochordal process
C. Cloacal membrane
D. Blastopore

519. Muscles of the tongue are derived from__________________?
A. 1st pharyngeal swelling
B. Lateral lingual swelling
C. Occipital myotomes
D. Preoptic myotome muscles

520. Number of somatic chromosome is________________?
A. 42
B. 41
C. 46
D. 44