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111. Secretomotor fibers to the submandibular salivary gland are carried in all the following except_____________?

A. Facial
B. Chorda tympani
C. Mylohyoid
D. Lingual

112. the special visceral afferent fibres of the facial nerve are located in which nuclei___________?

A. Motor nucleus
B. Nucleus ambigous
C. Nucleus of tractus solitarius
D. Lacrimatory nucleus

113. All of the following is true of facial nerve except_______________?

A. Supplies motor branches to the muscles of facial expression
B. It has no sensory component
C. The muscles of the eyelid will be spared in upper motor neuron lesions
D. It is a nerve of 2nd arch

114. Which nerve is in close relation with the root of the lower 3rd molar ___________?

A. Inferior alveolar nerve
B. Chorda tympani
C. Lingual nerve
D. Mylohyoid nerve

115. The branch of facial nerve that conveys the secretomotor impulse involved in lacrimation is_____________?

A. Chorda tympani nerve
B. Deep peterosal nerve
C. Greater petrosal nerve
D. Lesser petrosal nerve

116. Recurrent laryngeal nerve has close relation to______________?

A. Superior thyroid artery
B. Middle thyroid vein
C. Inferior thyroid artery
D. Inferior parathyroid

117. All the following muscles are innervated by the facial nerve except_____________?

A. Occipito – frontalis
B. Anterior belly of digastric
C. Risorius
D. Procerus

118. The muscle arising from the outer surface of the alveolus at the region of the molars is supplied by which nerve _____________?

A. Trigeminal
B. Facial
C. Mandibular
D. Inferior alveolar

119. All of the following nerves are related to the mandible except_____________?

A. Lingual nerve
B. Auriculotemporal nerve
C. Chorda tympani
D. Mental nerve

120. Facial nerve has________________?

A. Motor root only
B. Motor and sensory root
C. Motor and sympathetic
D. Motor, sympathetic and parasympathetic fibres