471. The slightly movable articulations in which the contiguous bony surfaces are either connected by broad flattened disks of fibrocartilage or united by interosseous ligaments are known as______________?
A. Gomphosis
B. Enarthroses
C. Diarthroses
D. Amphiarthroses

472. Basal lamina of blood vessel in CNS is secreted by______________?
A. Endothelial cells
B. Oligodendrocytes
C. Microglia
D. Astrocytes

473. Which cells are not present in cerebral cortex ?
A. Purkinje
B. Stellate
C. Cajal
D. Pyramidal

474. CSF is directly returned to venous system by _____________?
A. Choroid plexus
B. Cerebral veins
C. Arachnoid villi
D. Emissary veins

475. The lingual surface of epiglottis is lined by_______________?
A. Stratified squamous epithelium
B. Simple squamous epithelium
C. Stratified columnar epithelium
D. Pseudostratified epithelium

476. What is the type of joint between the ossicles of ear ?
A. Fibrous joints
B. Primary cartilaginus
C. Secondary cartilaginous
D. synovial joint

477. The receptor cells of the olfactory epithelium are__________________?
A. Bipolar neurons
B. Unipolar neurons
C. Multipolar neurons
D. Stellate cells

478. Bundle of HIS is________________?
A. Highly susceptible to ischaemia
B. Mainly supplied by right coronary
C. Mainly supplied by left coronary
D. Has a dual blood supply?

479. In a cross section of thorax at T4 , which is found__________________?
A. Azygos vein
B. Brachiocephalic artery
C. Arch of aorta
D. Left Subclavian

480. Sympathetic innervation of heart is by_______________?
A. T1 – T3
B. T2 – T6
C. T3 – T7
D. L1 – L5


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