441. All of the following are derivatives of connective tissue except ___________?
A. Endothelial cells
B. Clara cells
C. Fibroblast
D. Mast cells

442. Only nerve that originates from the dorsal surface of the brain stem is______________?
A. Trochlear
B. Occulomotor
C. Vagus
D. Abducent

443. The maxillary sinus drains into_______________?
A. Middle plexus
B. Inferior meatus
C. Superior meatus
D. Spheno ethmoidal recess

444. All of the following are true about skeletal muscle except _________________?
A. They are cylindrical in shape
B. Have multiple nuclei
C. Have transverse striations
D. The nuclei are central

445. All of the following are composite muscles except ____________?
A. Pectineus
B. Rectus femoris
C. Adductor magnus
D. Biceps femoris

446. Abduction of shoulder is done by all , EXCEPT_______________?
A. Teres major
B. Teres minor
C. Deltoid
D. Superaspinatus

447. Broca’s area is localized in______________?
A. Superior temporal gyrus
B. Parietal lobe
C. Inferior frontal lobe
D. Angular gyrus

448. Carina in an adult is at the level of______________?
A. T2
B. T3
C. T4
D. T6

449. The stability of the vertebral column is due to_____________?
A. Vertebra and vertebral discs
B. Interspinous ligaments
C. Paraspinal muscle
D. All

450. The oesophagus commences at the following level____________?
A. Lower end of cricoid
B. C5 vertebra
C. 10 cm from incisor teeth
D. C7


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